May 9, 2019

When is the Best Time to Build a New Home?

One of the most common questions among those planning to build a new home is, “When should we start?” Well, the answer may be different than you think, and it really depends on your specific goals. The biggest benefits to starting in spring or summer are related to more than just temperature—it’s also because the daylight hours are longer in these months, which allows construction to move much quicker.


April 23, 2019

How Much Will My Design-Build Remodel Cost?

How much will my Design-Build remodel Cost? If you’re considering a design-build remodel for your home in Orange County, California, one of the top questions on your mind is probably, “How much will it cost?” Of course, the specific cost of any remodel project can vary greatly depending on factors like size, scope, level of [...]


April 16, 2019

A Guide to Design-Build Remodeling

What is Design-Build? You may have heard the term “design-build” floating around more and more lately (as well as some rumors about the process). According to Design-Build Institute of America, “The design-build approach is sweeping the nation — 25 years ago, design-build was considered radical. Now it’s the most popular and fastest growing project delivery [...]


January 6, 2019

Avoid Stress By Working With A Design-Build Remodeling Contractor

Planning a remodel in the near future? There are a few ways a homeowner can avoid stressful situations when planning their next project with a Remodeling Contractor. Why won’t this contractor call me back?  Why haven’t they submitted their bid yet? I’ve got a couple of bids but they seem so vague, prices are very [...]


December 29, 2018

Choosing a Quality Cabinet That Will Last

Choosing a Quality Cabinet That Will Last On occasion in the past, I’ve been asked by potential clients what they should be looking for in Choosing a Quality Cabinet That Will Last. They express their disappointment in a previous remodel where inexpensive cabinetry was used by another contractor.   Well,  although most cabinets can appear [...]


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